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becomingmia asked: Hi! I'm very interested in your "Most Important Ugly" exhibit with Arabelle (is exhibit the right word?). But there's no way that I could afford going to the event because it's in NY and I'm in MA and I'm super broke. So I was wondering if after the event if there would be a way to view/access what you're showing? I would pay for that, if it's in zine or book form or something? If that's not the way you guys want to present your art, I understand, I was just hoping it'd be more available later!


This is a great question! 

In the next few weeks preceding and after the opening night, I will be  releasing the photos on my photo blog NotTaylerSmith. I’ll also post the press release for the show that kind of dives into the theory behind the project and how both Arabelle and I approached it. 

We’re currently in the midst of deciding whether or not to make a printed zine that really goes into the full details of the project and would be available for purchase at the opening in an edition of 100. If we were to have zines left over after the opening, we would sell the remaining copies here on tumblr. 

I’m so sorry you can’t make it! We’d love to have you, but we know there are lots of people around the world that would love to join us for this event so we’re going to do our best to share with everyone!

aproustianrush asked: Hi! I'm pretty sure this isn't the best way to find out but I really would love to go to yours and Arabelle's opening reception -- is there an age restriction? I'm 19 and wouldn't be able to attend if it's 21+. Thank you!

The reception is open to people of all ages! We hope to see you there!

Hari Nef, 2014

by Tayler Smith